Monday, March 8, 2010

The Glitch Report 3/9/10 Show

Hr. One

Knight Riderz - Voodoo
Ben Samples - Dope Boy Fres
Starkey - Starting Gates
Mr. Curtamos - Blah
Dz - Just Rollin' (Akira Kiteshi remix)
Stagga - Tubbys Innovation
Starkey - Club Games (feat. Cerebral Vortex & Buddy Leezle)
Free the Robots - Orions Belt Buckle
Noah 23 - Blackstone (Mochipet remix)
Ben Samples - Fire Burnin
Wickaman - Get Mad
Mussck - The Science of Building
Hudson Mohawke - Freek (bootleg)



Hr. Two

DJ Dials 

Hour number two is an excerpt of  a mixtape by DJ Dials (SF) called "Eyes Closed".

DJ Dials has been playing music to/for people for over 13 years, from raves in 98' to your mother's second wedding (wut!!!).

For access to many DJ Dials mixtapes visit

He also does media work- editing and videography in the daytime... \
peep that ish here:!

-still interested?-

Check out DJ Dials' social networking skills in action...

Enjoy life and git wit the flip mane...

-Seth B

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