Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Glitch Report 3/16/10 Show


Hour One

Datsilk - 3 Fist Style
Funtcase - Takin' The Piss
Bloodfire - Psycho Gorilla (Vyron remix)
Physical - Contact
Bassnectar - Bassnectar
Starkey - Fourth Dimension
Ben Samples - Hella Good 
Splatinum - Pumping Quarterz (Mochipet remix)
Bassnectar - Bass Head
Paul Harris vs. Eurythmics - I Want You (Bar 9 remix)
Misk - Nintendont (NastyNasty remix)
NiT GriT -  Heavy Machinery (Dubstep Version 2)
Vibesquad - Full Pound


Hour Two

Hour two is an awesome mixtape by Erwtenpeller called: "Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds; a dubstep refit.” The mix that uses Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds narration by Richard Burton, Phil Lynott and David Essex. It follows the story arch and gives Jeff Wayne's classic a fresh look.

Download it and see the track listing/art here: http://bit.ly/a7UxRV

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