Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Glitch Report 6-1-10 Hr. #1

TGR-WUT  The Glitch Report Live show 6-1-10 by The Glitch Report on KPFZ

Minsk – Nintendont

I.D. & Baobinga - Hush Up Riddem

Freddy Todd – Space 5 Penthouse

KOAN Sound – Can You hear Us

SRC – Fantasy Mix

Kavsrave – PClart

Sub Focus – Coming Closer VIP

Hot Mess – Dip

Cheshire – How Low

Sleigh Bells  - Run The Heart

Excision/Downlink – Heavy Artillery

Mr. Rogers – Bird Box

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Borgore Remix)

I.D. & Baobinga – Still Tippin’

Brandy – Angel in Disguise (Fantastic Mr. Fox Refix)

Taz Buckfaster – Gold Tooth Grin

Juj – Mbria Spirit Master

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Glitch Report Live Show 5-4-10



The Glitch Report Live show 5-4-10 by The Glitch Report on KPFZ

The Glitch Report Live Show 5-4-10

1. Benga - Rockstar
2. Flux Pavillion - Meathead
3. Funtcase - Fuuuuck!
4. Datsik - 3 Fist Style
5. Wickaman - Get Mad (dubstep mix)
6. Trolley Snatcha - Here I Go
7. Dub & Run - Ricky
8. Midfield General - Seed Distrobution (Stenchman remix)
9. Kryptic Minds - Badman
10. Stagga - Timewarp Dub (Akira Kiteshi re-fix)
11. Excision & Datsik - Calypso (Culprate remix)
12. Distance vs. Benga - Chokehold
13. Funtcase - Takin' The Piss
14. Koan Sound - Jumpsuit Adventures
15. Cassie - Long Way To Go (Hovatron remix)
16. Datsik & Downlink - Fucking Money
17. Take - Crystallia


MRK1 - Pure Dubs April Mix 2010

MRK1 x_9cf01a40


1. Passion Pit - Sleepy Head (Borgore Rmx)
2. Skream - unknown dub
3. Flux Pavilion - Meathead
4. MRK1 - Cardiac Arrest
5. Skream - Unknow Dub
6. Pendulum - Watercolour (Elmakay Remix)
7. Itchy Robot - Fatel Machine (DZ Remix)
8. The Melvins - MRK1 Remix
9. Trolley Snatcher - We rock the forest
10. 12th Planet - Reasons (Dr P Remix)
11. Tempa T - Next Hype
12. Dr P - Badman Sound
13. Bassnectar - Basshead (MRK1 Remix)
14. Pendulum - Set Me on Fire
15. MRK1 - Depth
16. 12th Planet - 68
17. RSK - Black Books (Dr P remix)
18. Skream - unknown dub
19. MRK1 - Download the World
20. La Roux - Im not your toy (Jack Beats Remix)
21. Itchy Robot - My Style
22. Skream - unknown dub
23. MRK1 - Move Your Soul
24. Dread Zone - Ganster (Trolley Snatcher Remix)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Glitch Report 4/6/10 Radio Show



Mr. Curtamos - Blah
Subscape - Let Me Clear My Throat
High Rankin - Meow Meow
NTRLD - Modern Warfare
Twist, Torqux - Fuck Face
Numbernin6 - Horndog
Man Like Me - London Town (Doorly Remix)
Instra:mental - No Future (Sreamix)
Boy Kid Cloud - Flaaavour
Emalkay - Critical Hit
Loops Haunt - Huarache (NastyNasty edit)
Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)
Mochipet - Coleco Crunk Vision (Monk Fly Remix)
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo (DJ Dials vocal Remix)
E-40 - Gold Star Server (Hovatron x Lando Kal mix)

The Glitch Report Live show 4-6-10 by The Glitch Report on KPFZ





Mix Tape 2010 by DJ WhitLock

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Glitch Report 3/23/10 Show

Hour One…

The Glitch Report Radio Show 3/23/10 - Hour One

Tek-One - Hate You
DJ Hero - Baddest DJ (feat. DJ Matt B.)
Midfield General - Seed Distribution feat. Noel Fielding (Stenchman remix)
FuntCase - Wizard Sleeve (feat. MC Raff)
Moza - Nemesis (Widdler remix)
Liquid Stranger - Alert
Mindelixir - Zombinator 2 (feat. Elliot Lipp)
Giant - Drumstick VIP
Bassnectar - Magical World (feat. nelly Furtado)
The Glitch Report - Gold Star Server (Hovatron x Lando Kal x E-40)
Peter Digital Orchestra - Red and White
Low Limit - Where You Been 7.5
Vex'd - Heart Space (feat. Anneka)
Lando Kal - 3D Action Jackson
Lazer Sword - Dirty Indstrial (feat. Buddy Lee)
Vex'd - Disposition (feat. Jest)
Free the Robots - Jupiter


Hour Two…

Download: FACT mix 133 – Lazer Sword
(Available for three weeks)

Information from factmag.com

“Hailing from San Fransisco and New York respectively, Lazer Sword have been impressing us for a while with their hard-wired blend of hip-hop and electro, and with a new six-track EP, Golden Handshake out this week on Glasgow’s Numbers label, we figured there was no better time to get them behind the boards for a FACT mix.”

1. Roger Troutman ”Superman”
2. Krystal Klear ”Throw It Away”
3. Inner City ”Big Fun (Lando Kal Remix)”
4. Ghosts On Tape ”Midnight Moves”
5. Zackey Force Funk ”The Split”
6. Lazer Sword ”Shot In The Nite”
7. Machinedrum ”SXLND (Demo)”
8. Maniac ”G.R.I.M.E.”
9. Rebound X ”Rhythm N’ Gash”
10. Terror Danjah ”Haunted”
11. Gucci Mane ”Stupid Wild (ft. Lil Wayne, Cam’ron)”
12. DVA ”Keep Up (4X4 VIP Mix)”
13. Slugabed ”Ultra Heat Treated”
14. Fantastic Mr. Fox ”Brandy Remix”
15. Crookers ”No Security (Rustie Remix Instrumental)”
16. Soulja Boy “All Black Everything”
17. Lone “Waves Imagination”
18. Low Limit “Trapperkeeper”
19. Salva “Wake Ups (Edit)”
20. Mr. Dibiase “Spacely Sprocketts”
21. Letherette “Track 9″
22. Javelin “Leonard pt 6″
23. E-40 “Show Me What You Working Wit ft. Too Short”
24. Bernard Fevre “Dali”

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Glitch Report 3/16/10 Show


Hour One

Datsilk - 3 Fist Style
Funtcase - Takin' The Piss
Bloodfire - Psycho Gorilla (Vyron remix)
Physical - Contact
Bassnectar - Bassnectar
Starkey - Fourth Dimension
Ben Samples - Hella Good 
Splatinum - Pumping Quarterz (Mochipet remix)
Bassnectar - Bass Head
Paul Harris vs. Eurythmics - I Want You (Bar 9 remix)
Misk - Nintendont (NastyNasty remix)
NiT GriT -  Heavy Machinery (Dubstep Version 2)
Vibesquad - Full Pound


Hour Two

Hour two is an awesome mixtape by Erwtenpeller called: "Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds; a dubstep refit.” The mix that uses Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds narration by Richard Burton, Phil Lynott and David Essex. It follows the story arch and gives Jeff Wayne's classic a fresh look.

Download it and see the track listing/art here: http://bit.ly/a7UxRV

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Glitch Report 3/9/10 Show

Hr. One

Knight Riderz - Voodoo
Ben Samples - Dope Boy Fres
Starkey - Starting Gates
Mr. Curtamos - Blah
Dz - Just Rollin' (Akira Kiteshi remix)
Stagga - Tubbys Innovation
Starkey - Club Games (feat. Cerebral Vortex & Buddy Leezle)
Free the Robots - Orions Belt Buckle
Noah 23 - Blackstone (Mochipet remix)
Ben Samples - Fire Burnin
Wickaman - Get Mad
Mussck - The Science of Building
Hudson Mohawke - Freek (bootleg)



Hr. Two

DJ Dials 

Hour number two is an excerpt of  a mixtape by DJ Dials (SF) called "Eyes Closed".

DJ Dials has been playing music to/for people for over 13 years, from raves in 98' to your mother's second wedding (wut!!!).

For access to many DJ Dials mixtapes visit http://rivaldials.com

He also does media work- editing and videography in the daytime... \
peep that ish here: http://thenoproblem.com!

-still interested?-

Check out DJ Dials' social networking skills in action...  http://www.facebook.com/djdials

Enjoy life and git wit the flip mane...


-Seth B

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Glitch Report 3/2/10 show




SINJIN 1HR PROMO MIX - doubledrop records


Dore - Psychedelic Bagpipes [FILTHY DIGITAL]
NTRLD - Hip Hop Rmx [DUB]
John the Jiant - Villian [SECTION8 DUB]
Doomtrooper & Lil Rhino - 2012 (Sinjin rmx) [DUB]
Bukka & Juxta - Grimace (Blackheart Rmx) [FILTHY DIGITAL DUB]
Vermin & Duck Violater - Flawless [DUB]
Bokator - Imma Gangsta (VIP) [DUB]
Flux Pavillion - How rude [SHIFT006]
Total Recall - Headz Only (VIP) [BETAMORPH DUB]
Agenda - This is now [SECTION 8}
Welsh & Document1 - Funky Yeah [DUB]
Mista Hyde - Kill Kill Kill (Sinjin Rmx) [SHIFT DUB]
Sinjin - Get off my lawn (Kid simple rmx) [PHANTOM HERTZ DUB]
Kid Simple - Bright Lights [DUB]
Occult Science - Power Up [DUB]
Datsik - Gizmo [BASSHEAD]
Buju Banton - Vigilante (Megalodon Rmx)
Sinjin - Mr.Sensible [PHANTOM HERTZ DUB]
TIME - Online [DUB]
Sinjin - Plans against us [PHANTOM HERTZ]
Sinjin - Big tuna [BRAPDEM DUB]
Borgore - Ice Cream (Mista Hyde rmx) [DUB]
Persue - This sound [DUB]
Suspect - Skank out (Skinzman rmx) [SHIFT DUB]
Ashburner - Badness (VIP) [FTW]
Basement Jax - Scars (Engine Earz Rmx)
Twista - Overnight Celebrity (Richie August & Symbl Rmx)
Kid Simple - Fresh like [DOUBLE DROP DUB]
Agenda - MFBFB [SECTION 8]


Take – “YOU ARE I AM WE BE” Mix


Ernest Gonzales – Self Awakening ( TAKE rmx)
Shlohmo – Antigravity ( LOW LIMIT rmx)
Om Unit – Wonderlust
Daisuke Tanabe – Before i Forget
Clause Four – Better Daze
James Figurine – Blinded By The Light
Sam Spence- Sunken Ship
Return To Forever- Sometime Ago
George Duke – Love
John Cameron- Swamp Fever
Mexicans With Guns – 9_24
The xx – Islands ( NOSAJ THING rmx)
Subway- Mono Chrome
Architeq- Dark Matter
Teebs- Archipelago
Milyoo – Multitude
Jogger- Superman
TAKE- Soul Particles


Boorgroove – Blip Hop Mix


1.Freddy Todd - Slaymaker
2.Slugabed - Pressure
3.Freddy Todd - Accidental side effect
4.Slugabed - Titans
5.Akira Kiteshi - No Glitch
6.Kelpe - Skylla
7.Heyoka - Etheric dub
8.Monk Fly - Birthday Funk
9.T.Raumschmiere - Monstertruckdriver (Dabrye's Big Truck rmx)
10.Knight Riderz - Voodoo
11.Fulgeance - Smartbanging
12.Opiuo - Bogan protein
13.Opiuo - Glottal stomp
14.Opiuo - Computer music


and there’s a write-up about Boorgroove at the doktor krank blog

also they are just about to launch a polish glitch hop forum!!!

should be finished this week ;]

Boorgroove_BlipHop by Mash Machine

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RADIO SHOW 2/16/10

The Glitch Report - Radio Show 2/16/10
Kraddy - Android Porn remix
Freddy Todd - Accidental Side Effect
Starkey - Ok Luv (Instrumental)
Pixelord - Cartoon Friend
Bassnectar - Heads Up
Mimosa - Dead Like Me
Pixelord - Cybernator
Slugabed - Skyfire
XX - Islands (Nosaj Thing)
Starkey - Multitidal
Pigeon Clap
The Earlies - Breaking Point (EPROM remix)
The Glitch Report - Hundred Million Dollar Money (Live Mix)
Chip Chop - Launch Blank
The Constellations - Setback (Starkey remix)
Robot Koch - Gorom Sen phon.o (remix)
Daedalus - order of the golden dawn
Ben Samples - The Inferno
South Rakkas Crew - Rise (Titles Riddim)
The Glitch Report - Screwed Up feat. Lil Wayne

Psymbionic - The Fozzie Bear Crunkadelic Mixtape
Reso - Hemisphere
Eskmo - Sister, You Have Got To Listen
PantyRaid - Enter The Machine
Mimosa - Dead Like Me
Siren - What a Life
Sub Swara - Hi Fidelity (ill.gates Remix) vs. Kraddy - Forget About Dre Instrumental
Klone - A Lot Kooler
FreddyTodd - Can't Fathom This (NastyNasty Remix)
Product 1 - Ready2Rage (Bassnectar and Jantsen Remix)
Mochipet - Godzilla New Year (Vibesquad Remix)
The Widdler - Slow Dance Chubby vs. Seventh Swami - Escape Artists
Opiuo - Nun Cha Ka
Heyoka - Borscht
Bassnectar - Boombox (Bassnectar Remix) vs. Eprom - 64 Bytes (Eprom Remix)
Bird of Prey and Chillax'n - Pipe Dream